Fyreplace Privacy policy

TL;DR: your data is stored securely, and is never sold to third parties for profit or targeted advertising.

Information collected

Fyreplace collects and stores some information in order to function. The following information is asked directly upon registration:

The following information is collected automatically upon login:

Third parties

Aside from Mailgun and Gravatar, your information is not sent to any other third party. Fyreplace is not made for profit, and thus no conflict of interest gets in the way of your privacy.


Data security is two-fold. Firstly, your data is transmitted in a secure manner. Secondly, it is stored in a secure place.


Your data is handled using the widely used standard of TLS encryption. Communications between the client and server applications never occur in clear text, and thus cannot be intercepted and read/tampered with by a malicious actor.


Access to the database requires a secure, random password, and is restricted to a private network, making it inaccessible to potential attackers.

Your rights

Your data belongs to you, and you only. Your account information may be deleted automatically at your request, without human intervention. The deletion process starts as soon as the request is made, and is not cancellable.
All your personal information, as well as all of the content you have created on Fyreplace, will be removed.